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Dull surgical or dental instruments? Get then cutting like new - or better!
Pricing can be found on the price list tab on left. Most cutting instruments are $15.00.
Toothed Forceps are tighened and the teeth given a better bite. Towel holders can usually be tightened and straighted if needed and the edge sharpened. $12.00 usually.

Shipping address:
Bruce's Sharpening, PO Box 41, Maxatawny, PA 19538 (if mailing via USPS).
If sending by UPS or FedEx use my street address
15868 Kutztown Road instead of the PO Box.  

Turn-A-Round time is usually 1-2 days.  Note: It is not necessary to send instruments in a sterile bag although I would appreciate that the instruments be free of visible blood and guts! 
Whether it's an Iris scissor, bandage scissor, a nail cutter, ronguer, biopsy punch, curette,  Metzenbaum or Mayo surgical scissor, nipper, bone chisel, elevator, dental scaler or suture holder/cutter I can sharpen them all 
Dental instruments are sharpened initially with a 600 grit diamond wheel then honed on a ceramic wheel. Knife edges (perio knives and similar) are additionally polished after the ceramic hone. Badly dulled instruments are done with a coarser diamond wheel if needed for restoring the basic edge shape then sharpened as above.
For the #40 & #50 clipper blades commonly used by veterians as well as the large animal blades a high end hollow grind clipper sharpener is used and for scissors sharpening of all kinds several Wolff scissor machines are used.
Are your surgical instruments too loose or too tight? Most of these can be restored to like new action. This is part of my service and these conditions can be delt with here. Don't be throwing away expensive instruments that can be repaired and restored to perfect cutting. 

To enlarge any picture you can left mouse click or touch on tablets or phones. 
Surgical & Dental Work Station
Photo of my surgical instrument microscope workstation

Note: Sharpening prices are for “normal dulled” instruments and blades. Additional charges for correcting bent, edge damaged, loose joints, frozen joints, etc  Usually runs $2.00-$3.00 more typically.



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Photo of a small animal guillotine

Oral Surgery Instruments
Photo of oral surgery instruments for sharpening

Micro Spring scissors to be sharpened
photo of micro spring scissors for sharpening
Dental Extraction instruments
Dental extraction instruments photo

Photo of various curettes for sharpening

Molly, of Carnegie Hill Veterinarians, NYC wrote "Thank you so much! I am very amazed at how quickly you serviced and returned our equipment. The packaging was so nice and the stickers were cute! I am pleased that you took time to talk to me on the phone and the notes in the box reguarding our equipment. Thank you for being professional and personal in your businesss. I can assure you that we will be using your service again in the future." Jan 2010
Adam, of Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital wrote "Thank you very much for your quick and thorough attention the instruments we sent you. I'm happy to say, they're all still doing great. Enclosed, please find another bunch of instruments that could use some professional attention. Thank you very much.

Surgical instruments done: Metzenbaums, Mayo's, bandage scissors, iris scissors, Dermatology scissors, Oras Surgery scissors, bioposy pumches, ronguers, nippers, bone nippers, to name just a few types.  Call about others.

Just a few of the many Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics Using Bruce's Sharpening

Hudson Highlands Vet Med Group           Hopewell Jct, NY

New Castle Vet Hosp     Chappaqua, NY

Veterinary Care of Ithaca             Ithaca, NY

Jarrettsville Vet Center                 Jarrettsville, MD

Somerset Vet Hosp                         Vineland, NJ

Park Vet Clinic                   Highland Park, NJ

Phillipsburg Vet Hosp                     Phillipsburg, NJ

White Oak Vet Hosp                       White Oak, PA

Green Valley Vet Hosp                  New Brighton, PA

Dravosburg Vet Hosp                     Dravosburg, PA

Columbia Animal Hosp                   Columbia, PA

Willow Mill Vet Hosp                      Mechanicsburg, PA

Old Trail Vet Services                      Pen Argyl, PA

Willow Creek Animal Hosp           Reading, PA

Wyomissing Animal  Hosp            Reading, PA

Oxford Vet Hosp                              Oxford, PA

Cherryville Animal Hosp                  Walnutport, PA

BlueCross Animal Hosp                  Clarks Summit, PA

Dublin Veterinary Clinic                 Perkasie, PA

The Oster Power Pro battery powered clipper is a popular clipper for veterinarian practices. Oster changed the battery from Nicad to NiMh (Nickle Metal Hydride). This change also necessitated a change to the charger. 

A Plastic Surgeon instrument set
photo of typical plastic surgeon scissor for sharpening

Compound and simple nail cutters
photo of compound and simple nail cutters

This wire plier pictured below arrived with a bent tip. Now the jaws align and capture the wire.

Care of Distal End cutters and similar instruments.

The chemicals many use to clean and sterilize Distal end cutters tear up the cutting edges if not done properly. Ultrasonic baths are often used to clean after use but this step is the start of problems if not used properly. Instead of an ultrasonic cleaner it is just as easy and less destructive if you simply put the end cutter is a dish of water with a drop of dish soap and a brush any particularities off. Rinse and dry with a towel completely before putting in an autoclave.

 The autoclave is the sterilization instrument and if the ultrasonic bath was used and the chemicals are still present, especially if still wet, the life of the end cutter is greatly diminished due to heat and chemical interaction. This will quickly destroy the cutting edges. Once this happens repair becomes difficult or impossible. When Autoclaving, keep the jaws apart, not touching and don’t leave it in longer than sufficient to sterilize. Note: I do not try to sharpen these.

Curettes and Ronguers
Photo of Curettes and Ronguers for sharpening
A five year accumulation of intruments by a PA vet
photo of a bunch of instruments for sharpening
All in a days work