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Bruce's Sharpening
PO Box 41
Maxatawny, PA 19538
610 683-5175 

Precision Sharpening of your Clipper Blades, Scissors/shears Surgical and Dental Instruments. Repair of your Pet and Large animal clippers. Fast Turn-A-Round of all your work. Guaranteed results.

Welcome to 2024. Spring is here at last.
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Need to cut your hair? I have scissors, and refurbished clippers and new and some like new refurbished blades available. New 2023 addition to my Wide blades,  #40 Wide.
Don't know how to cut hair - there is a ton of youtube videos on the subject. Just Google "how to cut hair"
Have a question about your blades, scissors, or clippers?

Contact me if you don't find the answer on this website. Lots of information on the tabs on the left.  For questions you have it is best to Email . You can try the phone 610 683-5175 if you are lucky we will answer. We will call back if we miss your call.  If you are having trouble with this web site I have a more mobile friendly one at Less info than here but cleaner and easier to navigate. The code that built this one is anchient I'm told after 17 years.
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I also do other sharpening such as carbide saws, Hedge trimmers, Pruners, Carpet shears, knives of all kinds (kitchen knives (including scallop edge knives), chefs and butcher knives, hunting knives, fish knives, pocket knives, joiner, planer, etc.), and much more but these are done as time permits only, the main business is mail order sharpening of grooming and surgical instruments and clipper service and repair. 
Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to working with you: Bruce

Mailing Address: Bruce's Sharpening, PO Box 41, Maxatawny, PA 19538

Sending by UPS or FedEx? Use my street address: 15868 Kutztown Road, Maxatawny, PA 19538 instead of the PO Box.  Please note that I am in Maxatawny, not Mertztown as some shipping databases try to change my address to.

Payments can by via Check, PayPal, Credit card or M.O.

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Click on a topic on the left for more information. Read the testimonials of fellow groomers and stylists who have used my service, read articles in the Articles I've Written tab about dealing with rust, more about the blades you use, how to determine clipper problems and more. Note: you can click on many of the pictures to get a larger view.
Lisa of New Smyrna Beach, Fl wrote about her horse blades and clipper. "Bruce - Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on my clipper and blades. Wow! What a difference sharp blades make." 

Clipper Blades

How we started.

Bruce's sharpening was started years ago in NJ as a part-time operation to supplement my income. After moving to PA in 2004 I decided to do 

sharpening full time and started advertising to local groomers and salons. As a mail-order business I quickly realized that my "territory" could be

as large as I wanted to advertise to and today I get work in from virtually evey state and US territory and several countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland and other more exotic places.

Many of my customers are surprised by how quickly I turn their work around and how much better their blades and scissor cut. 


Since my shop and home are on the same property I am able to put in as many hours as necessary to complete the work each day, the secret to my success! (and doing high quality work of course.)