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What will your sharpening cost? See below.
Sharpening prices given are for normal dull items. Deep nicks, bent blades, rusted blades, and other problems can result in additional charges. 

Scissor Sharpening Prices 2019
Scissors & thinners . $10.75 - $11.00 (thinner) bevel edge
Scissors & thinners. .$12.75 stylist/groomer convex edge
Scissors . . . . . . . . . . $15.00 stylist mid-range convex edge
Scissors . . . . . . . . . . $22.00 stylist hi-end convex edge

Extra charges: Re-curving scissors, re-establishing inside line, replacing bumpers, replacing or adding finger rings, replacing screws, replacing washers, cleaning excessive rust, correcting points not closing, blunting dagger points

Note: I have replacement A5 comb blades for damaged or worn out comb blades and cutters are available in both steel and ceramic.
replacement steel cutters $5.00, Ceramic cutters $7.50, Springs/sockets $1.50, plastic guides $1.00, wide cutters steel $7.50, wide ceramic cutters $10.50  
Also available Wahl adjustable platforms and blades, mini Arco blades, A5 blades all sizes, and an assortment of some trimmer blades for sale, Styleliner and Outliner blades, T-84, T-10 blades.
Clipper blade oil, scissor lube and clipper grease and blade wash available.
A5 Clipper blade parts are available to Sharpeners in wholesale quanity, email me at for current pricing 
Blade Sharpening Pricing 2019
A5, 76 Clipper blades  (Andis, Oster, Wahl, Laube, off brand) $7.75.  Wahl Arco 5:1 blades $8.75. Mini Arco not much metal to sharpen so it depends on condition.
Large animal Oster/Andis/Lister, etc. $8.75 and wide blades & large animal.
Note: Andis 5:1 adjustables can not be sharpened as the cutter too thin - not enough metal.
Laube Speedfeed blades $12 marginal to do, only can be resharpened 1 or 2 times usually. 
Stylist/barber adjustable blades. $9.00 -10, includes Styleliner/Outliner and other trimmer blades (not all trimmer blades can be resharpened)
Note I do sharpen Ceramic Cutters - same prices as above:
On trimmer blades please note if you specify and close cut on trimmer blades the cutter will be set near the comb tips. If you press the blade too hard it can cut your customer's skin so a light touch is needed. For regular set back of the cutter this is not a problem and this is the normal manufacture setting. 
Sheep Blades $2.50 for cutter, $4.50 for combs but badly shaprened or extra damaged blades will be higher, minimum of $7 for set.

Nail cutters . . . . . . . $4.50
Coat Rakes . . . . . . depends on # of edges generally $6-10
Knives . . . . . . . . . . . $2.5-$6.00 depending on size & type

           Surgical and Dental Instruments

Often depends on condition of instrument but as a guideline:
Some typical instrument prices below (see Surgical/Dental tab for more instruments done here)
surgical scissors $8-10
suture scissors $8-10
bandage scissors $7-10
osteotomes)-one chisels, elevators $8-12
Dental scalers single/double sided $6-10
Ronguers $15-20
Curettes $8-12 depends on type
Tishler Forceps  $15 up 
spring scissors $10-15 (eye)
Most cutting instruments $8-12 if not listed above. 
Nail cutting Podiatrist type $15. 

Clipper Repair
generally blade drives are always changed. Worn blade drives can cause dragging as the back and forth motion may not be sufficient due to drive wear or play in drive parts. Cleaning, lubing, checking interior parts and testing are all part of the basic charge.

Oster A5 . . . . . . . $25.00 basic charge + parts
includes cleaning, lubrication, checking armature, brushes , cords and switches adjusting for max speed

Andis AG, AG2, .
20.00 basic charge + parts
Andis AGC models
$25.00 basic charge + parts
includes cleaning, lubrication, checking armature, brushes, cords and switches

Laube Lazor and Lightening, Cowboy, Mini and Micro .
$25 basic charge + parts. Laube clippers are the least friendly designs for service  of all the major brands)
Service includes cleaning, lubrication, diagnosing problems. Laube has a 5 year Warranty on their motors, contact Laube if under Warranty.
Note: I stock many Laube parts now.

Wahl KM1, 2 . . . . . 
$25 basic charge + parts
includes cleaning, lubrication,  cords and switches. Some Wahl parts are not available or serviceable.

Conair . . . .
$20-$25 depending on clone type. Not as reliable as above generally - these clones of Oster and Andis clippers are made in China and while inexpensive are prone to more problems than the real Oster and Andis designs and parts unique to Conair are no longer available as the only parts supplier gave up on them.
Large animal clippers (Clipmaster, Lister, Andis HLC's etc) $25 

The above clipper repair prices are for the most common models used. Newer models are usually under warranty and parts are not made available by the manufacturers for some time or may be hard to get.

All the major manufacturers run out of various parts from time to time each year as they change tooling, shut-down for inventory and the like. I try to stock the common parts but may not have everything and will have to order. This can mean a delay of days or weeks depending on availability. I will inform you if this happens.