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'Looking for replacement A5 clipper blades? Or clipper blade parts? Need a refurbished clipper, clipper oil or grease or replacement parts for your clipper? For grooming scissors keep scrolling down.

Read on! Bruce’s Sharpening has them all. Call 610 683-5175 or email me at (better method)

My Saxon Edge brand A5 blades are sharpened and then tested in fur. These blades are available with either steel or ceramic cutters ($2.00 more).

Ceramic is extremely hard but brittle and can chip or break so many groomers prefer steel cutter for that reason.

Individual Clipper blade parts include blade sockets, springs, screws, steel and ceramic cutters, plastic blade guides  (red, black, bluepink or white and replacement combs (my Saxon Edge brand) are also available.


All these parts are also available in quantity for sharpeners at wholesale prices.

Send me an email for pricing price parts document to

How to pay: Checks, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard accepted or call (610 683-5175) and let us know what you need. 

For those large animal grooming needs chose wide blades for 40% more cutting width!
I carry wide A5 detachable blades in the following sizes: #30 Wide, #10 Wide, #7F Wide, #7 skip Wide, #5F wide. I also have a couple of 4F wide but when they are gone that's it for those. 

To enlarge any of the images below left mouse click or touch on tablet or phone.


Bruce's Sharpening Custom Saxon Edge Blades


Steel Clipper blades (marked Universal or Saxon Edge) hardened stainless steel (Rockwell 60-62)  Custom Sharpened here


Steel Cutter


Price with 

Ceramic* Cutter 

Longest cut life

5/8 (#2) HT (Skip tooth)




5/8F (#2F) HT (finishing blade)




#3 ¾F finishing blade (note same size as #3F)




#3 (skip tooth)




#3F (3-3/4 same cut) (finishing blade)




#4 (skip tooth)




#4F (finishing blade)




#5 (skip tooth)




#5F (finishing blade)




#7 (skip tooth)




#7F (finishing blade)




#8 1/2




#10, #15, #30, #40, #50




5/8 toe blade



Not available

#5F Wide




10, 30 Wide (Ceramic cutter add $12)




7F, 7 skip Wide (Ceramic cutter add $12)








*ceramic is very very hard but brittle and can break or chip if dropped

Prices subject to change without notice: Email me at for current prices or call 610 683-5175


Clipper Blade Oil 4oz  clear, non-staining


Oster Clipper Grease 1.25oz Red non conducting


Wolff Scissor Lube 1 oz bottle with metal tube





cutter types available and sizes

Replacement Plastic Blade Guides
Available in Red, Blue, White & Black colors
Replacement A5 Clipper Blade Sockets
Replacement Clipper Blade Tension Springs
Replacement Comb Blades most sizes available
Replacement Comb Blades

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Oster Clipper Gear Box Grease - non-conducting
Oster Clipper blade and clipper oil, non staining

Oster clipper grease (1.25oz


 Clipper blade oil) (4 oz)


Wolff scissor lubricant 1oz (leaves no oily sticky film, hair doesn’t stick)


Non-Oily Scissor Lube


What size blade do you need to groom your pet? Below are some guidelines I found on-line.

Blade Size





Surgical prep, Show Poodle feet, face, sometimes pattern.



Stainless steel—harder, holds edge longer, rust-resistant.



Surgical prep, Show Poodle feet, face and pattern, Pet Poodle feet. Excellent for using under Snap-on combs.



Pet Poodle feet, between pads of some dogs. Good for using under Snap-on combs.



Sensitive Poodle feet, pads, face on Poodles, Cockers and Terriers.



Sanitary trim (tummy & genital area), face on Poodles, Cockers and Terriers, most cat clippings. A very short, but safe blade.

Wide 10


Similar to the size 10 blade, but with a wider blade sweep. Good for full-body shavedowns and large breeds.



Stripping heavy coats, medium length, wider cutting surface than standard blades.



Sporting Breed's necks and sometimes bodies, very smooth finish. Popular on Cockers, Springers and Schnauzer bodies.

8 1/2


Head, face, neck and sometimes body on Sporting Breeds and Terriers.



Skip tooth— body work on Sporting Breeds and Terriers, Pet Poodles, excellent for clipping matted dogs where blending is required.



Finish blade for 7 Skip Tooth, unmatted cats.



Skip Tooth, body work on Sporting Breeds and Terriers, Pet Poodles, body work on short trims on Lhasa Apsos and Shih-Tzus.



Finish blade for 5 Skip Tooth.



Body work on the low-slung Terriers (West Highland White, Scottish, Cairn, etc.), Pet Poodles, short trims on Lhasa Apsos and Shih-Tzus.



Finish blade for 4 Skip Tooth— also used against the lie of the coat of thick-coated Springers or Cockers for a very short but very smooth look.

3 or
3 3/4


Skip Tooth, good for a plush, almost puppy look on Lhasas, Shih-Tzus, Old English Sheep Dogs— anything that you want to give a short, but not shaved look.

3 or
3 3/4FC


Finish Blade for 3¾ Skip Tooth— can also be used against the grain as with the 4F and 4FC.

5/8 HT


Finish Blade— good for slightly longer puppy cut. Longest blade cut available.



Cutting surface is 7/8" across. For small areas. Ideal for setting patterns such as the Dutch Clip on Miniature Poodles, great for small Poodle feet.

5/8 Toe or 5/8 NC


Cutting surface is 5/8" across. For small areas. Ideal for setting patterns such as the Dutch Clip on Toy Poodles, great for small Poodle feet.

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Refurbished (used, rebuilt) A5 clippers for sale: Email (best) or call 610 683-5175

Clipper service:


Normal wear parts are replaced and original problems repaired with new parts, this may be cords, armatures, bearings, field magnet, drives, upper and lower housings, etc. Both Andis and Oster clippers are designed for a lifetime of use and all parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They will run like new and you can expect them to last as long as a new clipper but cost much less to own. I have both professional clippers and some home use clippers. These come and go so email me at to check on availability and price.

email me for price, most $50 or less

 Bruce’s Sharpening professional B-Sharp grooming scissors feature

Super sharp edges, hardened steel blades, soft sizing rings for comfort, ball bear-ing

tension adjusters for smooth cutting action and balance and tapered

scissor bumpers (silencers) for quiet closing. These are available in two fin-

ishes, a nicely polished finish and a premium hard titanium coated finish.

6", 7 1/2”, 8 1/2” and 10” quality scissors in both straight and curved blades

in stock and ready to ship. A 7 1/2” thinner with super sharp edges in both

polished and titanium. Need a chunker? I have two sizes. Need smaller stylist 5" size scissors - have them!

. A new addition is multicolor 6" thinner.

 Email me with your requirements at 

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit card (visa or Mastercard only), checks

If approved, a payment plan can be arranged, call for details.

Left click on any pictures for larger image.

Custom grooming and salon scissors, custom sharpened here at Bruce's Sharpening. 
B-Sharp grooming scissors come in polished steel and blue titanium. These scissors have hardened steel blades, ball bearing pivots for smooth action, adjustable finger tension nuts, soft fingerhole inserts, plastic bumpers and are custom sharpened in my shop for the finest cutting. Available in 6 1/2", 7 1/2", 8 1/2" and 10" straight and curved sizes plus a 7 1/2" thinner, 8 1/2 chunker/texterizer a straight and curved ball tip and a small saftey nose scissor in both curved and straight versions with regular slotted screw pivots. Custom soft padded zippered scissor cases in Pink, Blue and Black are also available.
Email with your questions or order.
Payment methods PayPal or Credit Card.
Bruce, Bruce's Sharpening
7 ½” blender / thinner$50.00$57.00
8 ½ chunker / texturizer $60.00
6 ½” straight or curved$42.50n/a
6 ½ ball tip straight or curved (safety)$42.50n/a
7 ½” straight or curved$42.50$49.50
8 ½” straight or curved$45.00$52.00
10”   straight or curved$50.00$57.00
4 ½” straight or curved ball tip (safety)$25.00n/a
Zippered case – black, blue or pink$7.50 
 Pricing subject to change without notice

B-Sharp custom scissor features
Most available in Chrome & Titanium

More to add, ran out of time today. Email for list