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Commonly asked questions and answers.


You can always email me at if you have any question about sharpening of your clipper blades or scissors, instruments  or need service on your clipper.


Mailing and Shipping (98% of my customers send by mail):  Bruce's Sharpening PO Box 41, Maxatawny, PA 19538.  Return shipping costs will be close to what it cost you to send them to me.  For UPS,  Fed-Ex use 15868 Kutztown Road, Maxatawny, PA 19538 street address. Sometimes the street address will come up unknown, ignore that, it is my street address and UPS and FedEx are here weekly.


How long does it take to get blades and scissors sharpened? Often the same day as received but it can be 1-2 or more days due to Holidays, weekends or just too much work. Starting in May of 2013 our post office is going to be open only 4 hours a day down from 8 hours a day I've enjoyed.

Priority mail will get your blades here from Florida to New Hampshire in 2 days and California 3-4 days. The cheapest shipping from other states than PA for blades, scissors or small clippers is the Priority Mail Small Flat rate box or the larger Padded flat rate bag. Shipping is $8.50 (changes as post service raises rates) for that size box from anywhere. These and the Regional box A, B are also available on line and will hold more and send for less. For Larger items the Medium Flat Rate box and the Large Flat Rate box will save you money. Send on Monday, get back by Thursday in many cases for the East coast. Work received on the weekend will likely not be shipped until Monday due to short  2 hour Saturday postal hours in my area. If you are not in a rush that is helpful to know so I can schedule appropriately.

How long have you been sharpening?
A couple of decades, I've gotten pretty good at it!

Do you service clippers?
Yes. Turn-a-round is often same day for “tune-up.”  Includes cleaning, oil and greasing and replacing the common parts, which I stock for most clippers. Clippers should be completely serviced every 6-12 months or when problems develop.  You should do cleaning of accumulated hair daily. I service Andis, Oster, Laube, Wahl, Lister. Note that not all models of clippers have parts available. Some brands are made in China and parts are often not available. New models usually don't have parts released by manufacture until they become out of warranty or make it in the market place. Clippers under warrantly should be returned to the manufacturer's service centers.

What does it cost?
  See Price Page. Note:
  Additional charges may be necessary to correct badly sharpened work –something I’ve seen too much of. Please note that I sharpen both the cutter and the comb blade. Some short-cut sharpeners just slide out the cutter blade and sharpen only ½ of your blade set - cheap yes, good no.

What else do you sharpen?  Surgical and Dental instruments, knives and many other items for locals that need a sharp edge on their tools such as pruners, hedge trimmers, carbide saws.

How Do I Ship? Wrap each blade so they can't bang metal to metal or teeth may be broken and the blade lost. A blade box is best but secure the lid! Protect scissors points so they can't penetrate the package. Paper padded bags work  but don't put too many in them or the weight may burst the bag. Boxes are better. Zip bags can trap moisture and cause blades to rust. Note: I have blade boxes and scissor cases. Inquire if you would like these - email me at

How Do I pay? Payment can be by PayPal, check or money order and Credit card. I accept Visa, Mastercard and Discovery credit cards. Some groomers prefer to send a signed check which I fill out the amount and send back a copy of the filled out check.
There will be an invoice in the returned package – Payment is due within 2 weeks of receipt but I appreciate quick payment!

How do I get there?
   For those close enough to drive, my home & shop is located directly on State Highway 222 in the middle of Maxatawny village, Berks County, PA. (Between Kutztown (4 miles N) and Allentown on Rt. 222 A.K.A. Hamilton Blvd from Allentown). On the right coming from Kutztown and left coming from Allentown.

When are you open?  Pretty much all the time if you are dropping off! or picking up. I have a drop/pick-up box located outside the garage, it's open 24/7. If you want to phone call between 8 am and  7 pm EST. Email anytime. I prefer Email over phone as I don't have time to answer the phone and talk for long. Email I can answer at my leisure and give better and more detailed explanations.  I sharpen blades and scissors and repair clippers full time.

If you have any more questions  email  I look forward to working with you.