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Custom professional shears

Custom sharpened, professional grade shears/scissors for hair cutting and styling.
Available in a 5.5" shear, 5.5" blender / thinner and a 6" chunker / blender.
These multi color titanium coated shears are hardened steel for long life, come with soft finger rings, tapered silencers (bumpers), finger adjustable tension systems, smooth action and nicely balanced.

5.5" multi color shear
5.5" blender/thinner
Multi Chunker / Texturizer

Made for Bruce's Sharpening to my specifications. To order or for questions send me an email to Payment methods are PayPal and Credit Card. Enter content here

5.5" shear   $65.00
5.5" thinner  $70.00
6" chunker   $75.00

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