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 Bruce’s Sharpening professional B-Sharp grooming scissors feature

Super sharp edges, hardened steel blades, soft sizing rings for comfort, ball bear-ing

tension adjusters for smooth cutting action and balance and tapered

scissor bumpers (silencers) for quiet closing. These are available in two fin-

ishes, a nicely polished finish and a premium hard titanium coated finish.

6", 7 1/2”, 8 1/2” and 10” quality scissors in both straight and curved blades

in stock and ready to ship. A 7 1/2” thinner with super sharp edges in both

polished and titanium rounds out the larger grooming scissor selection. A new addition is the 7 1/2" and 8 1/2" offset handle scissor and a new multicolor 6" thinner.


Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit card, check (checks require COD shipment)

If approved, a payment plan can be arranged, call for details.

Left click on pictures for larger image.

B-Sharp Scissors
B-Sharp 6" ball tip straight and curved
Very nice cutting action

For those delicate ear and feet trimming needs both straight and curved 6" and 4 1/2"

safety scissors in a beautiful polished steel are in stock. Smooth cutting action.

Curved and Straight Safety Scissors

A Basic set of professional grooming scissors for new groomers with a Thinner, Straight and Curved scissors is available in either polished steel or Premium Titanium steel. A 20% discount for this set can be had by calling or emailing. (610 683-5175, email You can also pick and chose the sizes you want. 

Basic 3 piece set - thinner, curved, straight

These scissors come with a snap close clear scissor sleeve. I also have nice zippered padded leatherette cases in Pink, Blue and Black for $7.50.

Zippered padded scissor cases
B-Sharp 4 scissor case soft leather like, red

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Basic professional polished grooming scissors
Thinner, 6", 7 1/2", 8 1/2", 10" curved and stht

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Premium Titanium coated scissors
Thinner, 6", 7 1/2", 8 1/2", 10" straight and curved
offset handle B-Sharp scissor
7.5" and 8.5" offset handle scissors
multicolor B-Sharp Chunkers
8.5" size
multicolor B-Sharp Chunkers
6" size

B-Sharp Scissor Pricing 
6” multicolor thinnern/a$55.00
7 ½” thinner$50.00 $57.00
6” – 10” straight or curved$42.50 - $52.00$49.50 - $59.00
7.5” & 8.5” offset handle$42 - $45n/a
6” multicolor chunkern/a$52.00
8.5” multicolor chunkern/a$60.00
6” ball tip straight or curved safety$40.00 n/a
4 ½” ball tip straight or curved$25.00 n/a
4 scissor case Red only$10.00  
Zippered case – black, blue or pink$7.50  
Prices subject to change without notice  

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