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How we started.
Bruce's sharpening was started years ago in NJ as a part-time operation to supplement my income. After moving to PA in 2004 I decided to do sharpening full time and started advertising to local groomers and salons. As a mail-order business I quickly realized that my "territory" could be as large as I wanted to advertise to and today I get work in from virtually evey state and US territory and several countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland and other more exotic places.  Many of my customers are surprised by how quickly I turn their work around and how much better their blades and scissor cut . Since my shop and home are on the same property I am able to put in as many hours necessary to complete the work each day, the secret to my success! (and doing high quality work of course Cool)

I stock lots of parts for the commonly used clippers and can usually repair a clipper in one day. Thank you for reading my web site. Bruce
I am dedicated to serving my customer's needs, and my goal is 100% customer satisfaction. I strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let me know.